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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Star Sports Camps - Thieves in training

All Star Sports Camps - SHAM!All Star Sports Camps - THEIVES

This is the site of individuals who are taking not only the money of parents who TRUST that they are going to train their young athletes; but the money of the former Pro Athletes who they employed to coach them. For sure the Coaches are former professional athletes who were contracted to train the kids at this camp. Unfortunatly these coaches were not paid. The coaches had to obtain their own airline tickets (which were to be reimbursed) to travel to the site and were to be paid for their time training these young participants. Now keep in mind that these are professional athletes (former and semi - retired) they come from such prestigious backgrounds as NY  Jets, Giants, San Diego Charges; they are hall-of-famers and All Americans. They attended in good faith and trained these young athletes  but once they returned home, their checks either bounced or were rejected straight away. The man who is responsible for this is Steve DeLuca. Mr. DeLuca verbally and otherwise contracted  the afore mentioned athlete/coaches and then subsiquently did NOT PAY THEM. I know for a fact that several of them have redeposited the checks they received from "All Star" / DeLuca. The checks have been returned unpaid and bank charges are of course adding up. At this point most of them can not redeposit the checks anymore. Keep in mind that DeLuca charges $500.00 per child for a three day training program by these athlete/ coaches. DeLuca has one group come in monday to wednesday and another group thursday to saturday. They are not small groups of young athletes. He had many participants and could have easily paid the athlete/coaches who trained them.

Of the athlete/coaches  I know who trained these participants - all of them stayed in the dorms with the kids in seperate rooms for trainers so that they would be available to the kids should they be needed as well as instill (by example) the training commitment. By the way all these athlete/coaches were black. The other (non-black) coaches were invited to stay in the elegant guest quarters. I am sure their checks didn't bounce. In fact not a word has been heard from any of the "white"  coaches who stayed in the guest quarters. DeLuca also employed his wife and daughters of whom I am sure did not have a problem getting paid. 

Currently Mr. DeLuca is avoiding phone calls and not returning any messages. He has promised repeatedly to pay these athlete/coaches but still ( a month later) has not made good on any payments. He blames a sponsor Max Sports for not paying him although DeLuca himself was present to accept payments from the parents of the camp participants. He continues to have camps and employ other athletes to do training. As recently as yesterday one of the coaches who participated in the afore mentioned camp from a month ago (who was paid nominally) had a check bounce on him for a camp he just concluded that required more of his time ( like the coaches a month ago) . He is currently seeking his compensation - joining the afore mentioned coaches.

They are currently seeking legal action as well as contacting the local media to expose this SHAM!